It takes one busy man from 2 to 7 days to read one book

It takes our graduates not more than an hour to read and assimilate what they read!

How is that possible?

We are always the first!!!



We are The Industry Leader 2015!

We were awarded the order of the honorary title of The Industry Leader in Social Sciences and Humanities, as well as the national certification among the countries of Russia, Kazakhstan, Ukraine, Belarus, and Azerbaijan.

This year our staff headed by our leader were awarded national certificates for their significant contributions to the management process, outstanding labor achievements, rational approach to problem solving, dedication and professionalism!

The Director of the Torgovo-Promyshlenniy Reyting (Commerce and Industry Rating) LLP is Chairman of the Organizing Committee of the National Business Rating in the Republic of Kazakhstan Gulnara Khabibrakhmanova. The Executive Secretary of the Organizing Committee of the National Business Rating in the Republic of Kazakhstan is Aizhan Uykasbaeva. The President of the International Rating Union of the National Business Ratings is Valeriy Gizhitskiy.



We are Company of the Year 2013

It was the most distinctive year for the whole period of our operation, the 13th year of operation and the 13th year of this century. We received the greatest recognition in our operating period and the highest insignia was the award of The Interregional Financial and Economic Competition. The Interregional Financial and Economic Union (“MFES”) awarded us a diploma, the award of Company of the Year 2013 and the Certificate of Cooperation with MFES, represented by Chairman of the Board of MFES, Academician Mikhail Antonovich Korobeynikov, the city of Moscow, Russia.

The International School of Fast Reading was given the green light to its further advance, confidence in creativity and expansion. Many thanks for the work and effort that could be given to the people of our country. The goal is achieved! And the following goals and dreams are being actively developed.

Competitions in Social nets

At the International school of fast reading in November - 2013, I was held the competition "The Best Slogan of Year — 2013" in 3 languages the Kazakh, Russian and English languages,

for " Халықаралық Жылдам оқу меқтебі ",
for " Международная Школа Скорочтения ",
for "International School of fast Reading".



For a period of our activities we have accumulated perfect methods applicable to any age and producing fabulous results.

We come up with unrivaled methods of memorizing which will make it possible to extract maximum information from any printed text with minimum time and also we offer methods to learn foreign languages and trainings to memorize geographical, historic names, dates and figures.

Trainings are set out in your manuals or special texts.


For the whole history of our operation, the highest reading results were demonstrated by Sarimbekova Nazerke, a pupil of school No. 15, 10th ‘a’ form. She reads 29,516 words per minute.




Upon completion of each course or seminar, the International School of Fast Reading issues a verification certificate to its trainee.